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Consultancy Services

Agriculture Service Solutions – Farm agronomy programs supporting all farming regimes:

Professional sampling, data interpretation and recommendations in relation to soil, leaf (tissue) and animal (blood & urine) tests for the following enterprises

Pastoral: Beef, Dairy, Deer, Goats, Horses, Sheep & Exotic Animals.

Cropping: Cereal, Grass Seed, Oilseed and Legumes.

Horticultural: Berries, Flowers, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables and Vines.

Turf: Golf Courses, Playing Fields and Racing Tracks

We are fully conversant with conventional/alternate fertiliser, lime and other soil conditioner products, animal manures and other organic materials and industry by-products(effluent)


  • On-site, personalised service.
  • Samples analysed through accredited laboratories.
  • provision of comprehensive, user friendly reports
  • engagement of/support with contractors, vets or any other third part

Clients are usually taken through the following development stages,

Stage & Season Process Cost Additional Information
Stage 1
Visit and conduct Soil Testing. Establish a ‘Whole Farm Pasture/Crop Improvement Program’ – Fertiliser and Liming Requirements for the year. Annual Retainer plus Soil Test/s.
Stage 2
Visit and inspect pastures/ crops and livestock.

Leaf Testing(Optional):

  • to establish the health of the pasture/crop
  • fine-tuning future fertiliser and lime requirements
  • establishing the value of the pasture to livestock.
Leaf Test/s. By focusing on Leaf and Blood & Urine Tests altogether this allows the changes that have been made in pasture and livestock health resulting from the adoption of a ‘Whole Farm Pasture Improvement Program’ and any ‘Annual Animal Health Program’ to be revealed.
Note: Each visit is followed by a written report on matters discussed, and/or any Soil, Leaf or Blood Test Reports due as a result of tests taken.