About Natraculture


‘Natraculture – Natural And Safe Agriculture’. TM

This title is invented from the following words:

  • “Of or according to or provided by nature, physically existing, innate, instinctive, normal, not miraculous or spiritual or artificial or conventional”
  • “Uninjured, out of danger”
  • “Cultivation of soil”

(*) As defined by the ‘Oxford’ dictionary.

Rationale and Philosophy

The word “Natra” for natural denotes the philosophy of being in accordance with nature. This means that we attract and harness the forces of nature on each individual property to work under the process of symbiosis.

This process will result in a healthy plant environment which, when attuned to each individual pasture/crop/vine/tree regime, will result in healthy, disease-free plants, thereby alleviating the necessity for broad chemical practices and control.

The word “Culture” in this instance denotes the cultivation of plants and breeding of animals and/or the production of cells and tissues. It can also mean the preparation of cells grown in an artificial medium. This process is artificial and can be fraught with problems. It is not included in our philosophy. The soil is a living, breathing organism, which is fragile in the case of the Australian continent and other countries. The Natraculture system recognises the importance of improving and balancing this very important ecosystem to provide the plants with the elements necessary to guarantee a safe, healthy, nutritious end product, sadly lacking in our food chain today.


A unique farming tool, which is a combination of best management farming practices brought together in a new system designed to enhance the agricultural industry of Australia and internationally.

Also designed to:

  • enhance the long-term health of the Australian and international population by providing
  • farm food produce that is nutritious, tasty and safe for human and animal consumption.
  • benefit Australian and international producers with trade opportunities by providing farm textile produce that is of improved character.
  • be practical, protective and sustainable, which will aid producers to grow the finest produce, whilst improving the condition of our soils, farmland & waterways. The end result will not only benefit our environment, but also our producers financially by opening up specialised niche markets at optimal prices for their produce.
  • be used by producers to allow them to excel in their chosen field.

World-wide consumer awareness is developing to the point where consumers understand the vital link between ongoing good health and the nutritional value and safety of food.

Producer Problems

Poor produce quality leading to poor repeat purchases by customers and short shelf life.

  • Extensive use of artificial hormones and chemicals leading to consumer scepticism and rejection for alternatively grown produce.

Consumer Problems

  • Poor quality foods.
  • Concern about food safety due to extensive use of artificial hormones and chemicals.
  • Poor character and tensile strength of textiles.

Using the Natraculture system we can:

  • Produce a consistent and high standard of produce to attract consumers to branded products.
  • Price produce differently and attract higher prices.
  • Product differentiate.
  • Export produce.
  • Satisfy the consumer


‘Natraculture’ is a new farming system designed to position agriculture in between
the existing conventional & other biodynamic/biological/organic/permaculture farming systems, combining best practices from all systems.


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