Services & Sales

International, Independent Services and Sales provided as:


A1 Accreditation Service Solutions

Consultation and support for businesses preparing to apply for the accreditation of a property

in any of the following farming regimes –

  • Natraculture
  • Biodynamic
  • Biological
  • Organic
  • Permacultur

A2 Accreditation Sales Solutions

Access to ‘Natraculture – Natural & Safe Agriculture’ accreditation and logo

B/C/D. Consultancy

B1 Agriculture Service Solutions

  • Advice to agribusiness on enterprise selection
  • Agribusiness financial book-keeping
  • Agriculture survey
  • Business plans for agribusiness farm ventures
  • Expert witness
  • Farm agronomy programs supporting all farming regimes for dryland or irrigated, pastoral or broadacre cropping or horticultural or forestry enterprises
  • Farm ecosystem(s) design and microclimate modification
  • Farm enterprise planning, establishment and assessment
  • Farm resource modeling, technical & financial agribusiness plans and carbon budgets
  • Farm soil assessment, reclamation and management programs
  • Farm water use efficiency design
  • Farm/site management and/or monitoring programs
  • Livestock health and productivity programs
  • Property/site inspections and assessment of agricultural scope
  • Succession planning
  • Whole farm/site plan

B2 Agriculture Sales Solution

  • Farm Diary software technologies
  • Grazing Systems Limited (GSL) software technologies
  • Livestock pedigree software technologies
  • Livestock Inventory software technologi

C1 Environment Service Solution

  • Environment agronomy & soil development programs
  • Environment ecosystems design
  • Environment resource modeling, environment plans and carbon budget
  • Environment survey
  • Environment/site monitoring program
  • Environment Protection Agency effluent disposal and envirosafe land use 15 Year Plans; application and development, testing & monitoring of sites after waste applied and presentation of technical data for EPA Annual Reports
  • Expert witness
  • Site revegetation programs
  • Site rehabilation program

C2 Environment Sales Solutions

  • Environment Diary software technologies
  • Grazing Systems Limited (GSL) Software Technologies

D1 Livestock Service Solution

  • Business plans for agribusiness livestock ventures
  • Livestock annual health &/or nutrition programs
  • Livestock assessment, selection & sourcing
  • Livestock breeding programs; design & implementation
  • Livestock classification program; design & implementation
  • Livestock enterprise planning, establishment and assessment
  • Livestock identification and monitoring programs
  • Livestock productivity programs
  • Livestock(Blood & Urine) test

D2 Livestock Sales Solution

  • Farm Diary software technologies
  • Grazing Systems Limited (GSL) software technologies
  • Livestock Pedigree software technologies
  • Livestock Inventory software technologies

E. Education

E1 Education Service Solutions

  • Field days/seminars/expos
  • Lectures
  • Staff training
  • Workshops and launches:
    • ‘new product(s)/service(s)’
    • ‘new scientific development(s)’

F. Laboratory Tests

F1 Laboratory Solutions

  • All tests available as:
    • test only
    • basic report
    • detailed Report
    • report and recommendation
  • Animal/Livestock (Blood & Urine)
  • Chemical Residue (Soil/Plant/Water/Fertilisers/Soil Conditioners)
  • Heavy Metal (Soil/Plant/Water/Fertilisers/Soil Conditioners)
  • Microbiology (Soil/Plant/Water)
  • Mineral (Soil/Plant/Water/Fertilisers/Soil Conditioners)

G. Research

G1 Research Service Solutions

  • ‘Ecosystem Discovery &/or Evaluation’ scientific research projects
  • ‘Market Opportunity’ research projects
  • ‘Product Development &/or Evaluation’ scientific research project

G2 Research Project

  • Agricultural sustainability.
  • Carbon inputs from agriculture.
  • Farming trends and practices.
  • Improving nut yield in old nut groves.
  • Kumara flour; health benefits and flour production through to retail. [Current]
  • Modifying microclimates and managing humidity and horticultural disease incidence with companion plant selection. [Current]
  • Optimising soil biological populations.
  • Pasture/crop comparative water use efficiencies.
  • Resource modeling.
  • Root pruning of horticultural crops.
  • Site reclamation post laser grading.
  • Soil moisture assessment, utilisation and management programs.
  • Soil structure evaluation, reclamation and management.